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Folks, today I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to send me on a dream trip to photograph and study the wildlife of Alaska. Support my trip and get a limited edition print of your choice from the trip, at rates cheaper than I typically charge! You can help out for as little as $20. Thanks!…

Aqua Moose by StevenDavisPhoto
Thanks to all my watchers! I hit 500 today which is my largest number on any of my fan pages :) I love you DA fans!
Hey Everyone,

Yesterday I woke up to hundreds of notifications. I knew I had gotten a DD again. My shot, Canyon Arch, won after posting it over 10 months ago. The results:

- 82 new watchers (a 20% increase)
- Around 7500 views
- Around a 20% favorite rate on the shot.

It's a very cool experience to get a DD. You get FLOODED with compliments and it really feels good. I've only been shooting for almost 3 years now and already am getting a lot of recognition for it, and that's a pretty cool feeling. I just feel very blessed to have a job that pays pretty well. That, coupled with being single with no kids helps me to have the money and the time to invest in equipment and trips to get these shots for you guys. I do it for my own satisfaction, but it's really cool that what I create also makes others smile. That said, I can't take credit. Our creator has made this amazing planet we live on, and has given me the talent to capture it onto an SD card for you guys. I just feel humbled that he feels fit to bless me in so many ways, and I'm totally not deserving of it.

And now a little shameless self promotion :P

My Facebook Fan Page -…
My Google+ -…
My Website -

I got a few print requests for Canyon Arch as well. I DO sell prints at my website through Etsy, and I think my prices are fairly inexpensive. I would love if you bought a print to support my habit :P

Again, thanks so much for all the amazing compliments and for my new watchers. I am amazingly blessed by you, and by our Lord. I'm heading to Banff, Canada in 2 weeks for 9 days. I hope to come back with some great shots for you guys to enjoy!

I have hit 300 FANS on Facebook!!! Thanks for all the support everyone! As a reward, all Facebook fans get 25% off all print orders until 6/30/11. Just use coupon code 300FANS at checkout at my Etsy Store :)…
I'm SO sick of these "Light shafts through the trees" shots we see so often in the nature area. Maybe I'm just being overly critical and a jerk, but it seems so unoriginal these days. Sure it looks really nice, but it doesn't seem creative anymore. Thoughts?
You be the judge...…

Check the comments. He had a url in the lower right to a wallpaper site. I commented about that and he removed it, then claiming he didn't see it. What do you do when you suspect someone of using another person's work as their own on DA? His profile is also relatively new, so I'm inclined to believe he's a faker.

Hey Everyone,

My buddy David just joined DA and he has some AMAZING shots. Please watch him!


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So, after getting my first Daily Deviation for my shot of "The Bend" (, I figured I'd share the results from those 24 hours.

- About doubled my watchers, from 120 to 228
- Got 9,304 views on "The Bend" to a total of 10,183 views, of which 2,110 were favorites. That's a 20.7% favorite rate. Funny how it stayed pretty much even all day around that point. Just shows how certain people are made to like certain things.
- Got 585 page views, compared to my normal 20-40 daily views

All in all, this was an AMAZING day! I got a TON of new watchers, some new facebook fans, and a TON of favorites and views on all my shots. I am so humbled by this experience. I just started shooting about 2 years ago, and already I have this much attention. I feel I don't deserve it. As a Christian, I believe God has given me the eye for photography that I have and I am so thankful for that. I am just so glad that I can capture the feeling I get when I view a scene onto a SD card and share it with all of you.

Wow. I am really just in awe that I got this kind of attention. God bless you all :)

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WOOT! Thanks for the support everyone! I can't believe I got this. I feel so very humbled. I am truly blessed and so undeserving of it. Praise God! :)

Love you guys! Thanks for your awesome support!
So, Aperture Academy ( had a contest running most of the year. For $25, you could submit 10 shots and they would give prizes for Landscape, Wildlife, and Urban. My shot of Oscar Jonesy at the SF Zoo won 1st place for Wildlife. Awesome! :)…

I won:

    * $250 CASH
    * LowePro SlingShot 300 AW Bag
    * $100 Print Package

I bought myself a Wacom Medium Tablet with the help from the cash, so I hope to be up my processing skills soon :)

I never thought I would win anything, but figured I'd try. It's pretty cool and I feel very humbled to have won. Yay!
I'm kinda new to dA still. Wondering how you get a Daily Deviation spot? Is it like on Flickr's Explore page? Do people vote for it? How does it work?
Can everyone go here and please vote my Canyon Arch shot for "Shot of the Month"? I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU!…
Canyon Arch by StevenDavisPhoto